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Participate in Sports, Pursue a Dream of the Future "The 10th Autumn Games


Life is movement, and movement is the source of all life.

To this end, the company organized the 2022 "Participating in Sports, Pursuing a Dream of the Future" Workers' Games, which enriched the work and social life of employees through a series of highly interesting and competitive sports events, enhanced the team cohesion of communication and cooperation among company members, and trained everyone to face difficulties and strive for success.

On the afternoon of November 12th, the sky was beautiful, and on this beautiful day of high clouds and light skies, Leyoupai gathered in the Lidang factory area to welcome the 2022 Workers' Games together. Mr. Sun Xiaodong, the chairman of the company, gave a mobilization speech.


The sports meet consists of four major events, including long rope jumping, single legged jumping, hula hoop roller coaster, and tug of war. Everyone forms a team and competes together, competing against each other.


The first step is a single legged jump, and the competition rules are a group of four single legged jump relay, with the faster one winning.


As a new competition event, single legged jumping has shone in front of us, making it more interesting, fresh, and testing everyone's speed and passion. After fierce competition between Leyou and two teams, we won the championship and runner up.

The second event is tug of war, and the competition rules are to form a team of 4 men, 6 women, and 10 people. The two teams will compete in order to advance to the next round until the champion team is selected.


As the runner up of the previous tug of war, everyone is rubbing their hands and looking forward to achieving good results. After fierce competition, Leyou First Team won the runner up in the tug of war.

The third item is the hula hoop roller coaster, and the competition rules are for eight people to form a team. Hand in hand cannot be disconnected, and the timing stops from the first person wearing the hula hoop to the last person. The faster the time, the winner.


As a new project, the hula hoop roller coaster tests everyone's cooperation and understanding, as well as their teamwork ability. In the end, the Leyou and Leyou teams each won the championship and third place, indicating that everyone's tacit understanding can withstand the test and scrutiny.

Finally, of course, there is the spirited long rope jump. The competition rules are for eight people to form a team, two people to swing the rope, and six people to jump. Each team will have two rounds of competition, and the one with the highest number of jumps in one minute will win. This project is a great test of endurance and tacit understanding. As long as one person relaxes in just one second, they will all lose the game. Everyone grits their teeth in the final round and makes a fight. No one can be certain of winning or losing until the last team ends. After three rounds of competition, the Leyou First Team ultimately won the third place.


The big friends are colorful, and the children can't just stare. The "Pull Rope Eating Oranges" competition has kicked off. With the help of their parents, the children are working hard to eat oranges one by one, without ranking, just enjoying the joy. The children's world is so simple and pure.



This year's sports meet is exciting and colorful, with two teams from Leyou winning two championships, two runner ups, and two third runners up, which can be said to be a "double blessing".


Amidst the cheers and laughter, this year's sports meet has come to a successful end. The happy time has dispelled the haze of the epidemic, allowing everyone to regain their laughter and experience the power of the team. Let us continue to maintain love, continue to work hard, work with craftsmanship, and create a better life.