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Chinese cats are also very cute

There are many varieties of Chinese cats, most of which are classified according to their colors: civet cats, orange cats (some are yellow civet cats), white cats (some are Shandong lion cats), cow cats, three flower cats, hawksbill cats, Sichuan Jianzhou cats, black cats (black cats), and so on. Cats have also had auspicious meanings in China since ancient times, with white cats representing luck; Black cats can ward off evil spirits and eliminate disasters; The yellow cat is praying for a good marriage; Red cats are used to eliminate diseases and alleviate disasters; Gold is financial luck, ensuring prosperity in business The most common among them should be the civet cat, and the saying 'civet cat for crown prince' is well-known and has been preserved for thousands of years. It has a healthy body and is particularly easy to feed, making it very skilled in catching mice.


       There is also the Three Flower Cat, named after its overall color, which is generally composed of three colors: black, orange, and white. The coexistence of these three colors also becomes hawksbill color.



The color of the three flower cat is determined by genes and generally only appears on the mother cat. But there are also a few male cats with three colors, and generally such cats will have reproductive defects.

There is also the black cat, also known as the black cat. In ancient times, the mysterious cat had the meaning of warding off evil spirits, exorcising demons, and bringing good luck.


In addition, less common cat breeds include Shandong Lion Cat and Sichuan Jianzhou Cat.