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2022 Ending teeth

The Spring Festival is approaching, and every year at this time, we are working hard to prepare for the annual meeting. However, due to the impact of the epidemic this year, we have decided to keep everything simple. On the afternoon of January 7th, Leyoupai held a simple "tail tooth banquet" in the conference room through live streaming. Today's tail tooth is the "end" of the business year's activities, "Mr. Tail tooth, farewell to God for a long year", which can be said to be Leyoupai's Thanksgiving Day.

This event is arranged with one special prize of 9999.99 yuan in cash, one first prize of 8888.88 yuan in cash, 15 second prize of 800 yuan in cash, and 20 third prize of 500 yuan in cash. Those who have not received the prize will be given 200 yuan in cash.

After a round of rolling lottery in the on-site system, all lucky winners of each award were selected: special prize Li Dang Employee, first prize Yu Jie, Xu Xing, second prize Ke Fangfang, Yu Zhihao, Chen Demiu, Li Gaoyi, Chen Yangyang, Shu Wenwen, Wang Yang, Xia Jiali, Li Kaiping, Pan Minghe, Ai Yuanxing, Li Daohua, Li Jinping, Ji Xuenian, Qin Huihui. Third Prize Ye Hengjun, Fang Jianguang, Li Linxiao, Zhang Yirong, Liu Hongli, Chen Jianjia, Zhang Wanfen, Yu Qun, Wang Wenjin, Chen Jin, Wang Mei, Liu Zhixiang, Huang Murong Yong, Yang Xiaojing, Zhang Dongying, Wu Zhiying, Wu Linli, Cha Lianzhun, Tang Xiubi, and Wu Hengmei.

Although everything is simple, during the Spring Festival holiday, it expresses the company's gratitude and gratitude to everyone for their hard work for a year, and also an expectation for the company's development next year!