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The stress response of cats

Everyone who shovels excrement must have heard of a case where the owner took the cat out for a walk, which resulted in the cat's death! Novice cat owners will definitely be confused, how could such a situation occur? That's because cats are too timid. As a timid and sensitive animal, any external stimuli, environmental changes, and sudden uncontrollable events can cause cats to experience stress, resulting in strong stress reactions such as altered temperament, howling, scratching, increased aggression, shortness of breath, tongue sticking, trembling, and curling up.

Cats are very sensitive to changes in things. When there is a slight sound, it can cause them to be 100% alert, keep a close eye on the suspicious object, and always maintain a defensive state. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the state of the kitten at all times. When stress occurs, leave the cat alone, slowly recover, observe the changes in the cat, and in severe cases, send it to a doctor for timely medical treatment.

All fecal shovelers should pay attention to:

1. Reduce unnecessary outings for cats, use well concealed cat bags when going out, reduce bumps, ensure the safety of the kitten, and bring familiar items to help the cat adapt as soon as possible.

2. Social training for cats when they are young can greatly reduce their stress levels.

3. Avoid contact with unfamiliar things and do not rashly let cats come into close contact with unfamiliar people, animals, and objects

4. The behavior in online videos of tricking cats is very dangerous, do not use such behavior for pleasure.

Take care of your kitten and don't let your actions harm it. Some of your actions may be fatal to it. Understand and care for your pet and become a qualified fecal scraper.