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Raising cats to heal people

Most young people nowadays face significant work and life pressures, which can lead to symptoms of mental distress such as depression, anxiety, high stress, and insomnia. Keeping a cat is a great cure for all stress, and it has gradually become a choice for many people. Today, I would like to write this article. Can keeping a cat really cure us?

Many studies have shown that cat ownership can improve mental health, and research from Miami University has shown that cat ownership can restore a person's mood and happiness; A new study published in the journal AERA Open suggests that keeping cats can reduce stress, which has scientific basis.

The editor himself is an example. Before raising a cat, I was an introverted and slightly depressed person who liked to keep pressure in my heart. Over time, I became a sullen gourd. After entering the pet company, I also raised a kitten. When I am unhappy, she will come and make me hug and make me happy; Look at its cute appearance, my heart has already been melted; When touching it, feel relaxed and no longer think about the complexities of life and work; With it by your side, you will feel warm, accompanied by emotions, and the sense of loneliness will disappear

Cats are really a kind of creature with healing magic, soft and cute, handsome and domineering, lazy and clingy. There is always a suitable one for you, it will heal our unhappiness and create happy times.

Come and take a look at my little cat, isn't it cute enough to melt your heart!!!